Mick Arrow 2007
Appears on album NAMES UNLIMITED by Manah-siksa Devi Dasi ( 2007)

Sister Ocean, Mind the Treetops
Sight the Island, Taste the River
Smell the Fire, Touch the Heart
Hear the Wave, Family Evening
Sister Midnight, Brother Dawn
Dad the Morning, Son the Day
Friend the Sunshine, Mother Earth
Kid the Star, Father Stone
Love the Moon, Uncle Wood
Peel the Apple, Offer Love
Air the Sky, Guard the Person
Kalpa-vriksha, Sweet Child of mine
Pick the Flower, Offer Love

Crack the Cover, Be the Juice
Hit the Ego, Dive the Ocean
Sweet ocean of prema
Divine love
Maha-mantra, Hare Krishna

©1963-2071 Mikael Sjödin / MAD Music