(Words & Music by Arrow 1987)

Claude: Are we, are we, are we betrayed?
Voices: We think so, yes!
Claude: So be and be ceremony and crack holy and leave it broken
Bring me muscle, dingle, fingering me
Roar, roar, roar!
So dream of Power, let trash in
My animal — costume my Sin
Voices: I will
Claude: How he walks
Voices: You adore
My lit kerosene, and when he walks
Voice: You do adore
I will
Claude: Moving tangerine, so help me to get out of this
Voice: Scene One
Cope with undetected moving clouds
Voice: Dream Two
Claude: I unlock the open sky
Voice: Beam Three
Claude: I´ve got TV-beams in my bones; an X-ray voice in my head
An insect living behind my eyes, chewing me blind, chewing me blind
There´s a reaper inside my mouth harvesting words into salad
And I´ve got lots of Company Voices humming and mumbling in drain pipes
The radio tells me I´m wanted; I shouldn´t have answered the phone today
The Room, the Room, the Room, what happened in the Room?

There was brain all over the floor, no less, no more
And now she´s moved into the pipeline
Feeding me words I never thought of:
Oh mother, where were you when I needed you?