Words & Music by Mick Arrow 1988

Lily of the Valley — music!

You left a sound behind, I picked it up and cried
And turned it into gold music
The telephone is ringing — is it me or is it you?
Lily of the Valley — Music!
There won´t be another way to believe in what you say

The apartment gets bigger every day
I dedicate this song for you today
Please let me make it go away
I hear the sound of heartbeat from far away
Make it go away

When daytime is made of dreams then life is on its way
Lily of the Valley — Music!
When nothing ever changes one decides to change it all
Lily of the Valley — Music!
You name me by disease — for me it´s just my name
Lily of the Valley — Music!

My thoughts are made of water
I can make them go away
His heart is made of gold
I can make it go away!

I wish he was just anyone
However stupid that may be...

Everything is cold because of smooch

©1963-2071 Mikael Sjödin / MAD Music