(Words & Music by Arrow 1985)

Connect me to the crime, inherited child forever
Forget my glass of wine, we are living our lives together
End of time, surely no...
Well, give a dog a bone on Daddys Mountain
A vagabond already found him
I wish my heart was free, in delicate dreams beyond me
Superiour luxury, Im living from one to twenty
Surely no dream — I accept the bill of a low scheme of thing, whenever, never
Country life, me and you; Lord of the Lord Low
Angelize the parts of highlife now as World goes down, interiour blue, all blue
Faculty of gay men, Id like to save you
Wait until they start examining you too
I went to go there, I meant to go everywhere
A shadow cries for light
There was Someone I knew too well to see
In the dark, those lips were mine — surely no dream
Folded and salted, tasty and bitter
And sordid that mirror reflects my undressing
Its just another bad day, so
Inhaling the breath of lonesome air
Wont you dare look inside, shoot the Wolf
Care, Care...

Since they are mine I control them sublime
Ending our time for somewhere we die, all die
Chance of getting close to the petty rose blue
On Daddys Mountain