(Words & Music by Arrow 1984)

I paint you in oil on canvas
Carefully choosing the colours
Caressing the surface with ease
Transforming emotions like these
The sky as gentle as your eyes
Secretive shades of blue and green
The wind breeze alive as your breath
With love as every kiss you give
I donīt wanna be on the open market
I donīt wanna do it as most of us do
I donīt wanna put myself out as a target
I just wanna look into your wonderful eyes

The sun pulsating as your heart
So full of love in every beam
The mighty sea as red as blood
Like any feeling you give me
Sand like the texture of your skin
So smooth and young, always changing
Horizon as far as your soul
But still as near as the blue sky

Trees as gracious as your body
Covered with black leaves as your hair
And birds full of joy as your smile
And rain trembling down like your tears

So near but still so far away
Oh dear, how can I ever say…
Why donīt you get drunk like all the others did?
And you are my rainbow, giving me every colour
As I cry when I see you, out of love as the sunshine
For how long, for how long can I see you?