(Words & Music by Arrow 1983)

A fading feeling, will we ever go?
The sky is breathing, the sky is breathing so
A flying feeling grows
Forever union, forever union naive, naive lotion
Growing motion, desperate emotion
Drowning in water, liquid in heart and soul
Luminous body in control
Only a lifetime, only one heartbeat to know
Nothing Iīve known can please this role
I am prepared to sink in all
Where will you be, oh come with me
The sky is breathing so

I donīt know why Iīm keeping this
Itīs all too much for you, is it?
Why donīt you ever tell me where to go!
Iīve always been here young and rich
Iīve always lived in Atlantis
But you keep calling me an average man
You keep on swinging in your world
Youīre big on earth from what Iīve heard
If only I could take you from your hell!
They tell you life is right as it is
But I can give you miles of a list
Thatīd make you wonder where the hell you are
I will be waiting in the door ajar
The sky is breathing so