Words & Music 1982 by Mick Arrow

The situation´s changed again, and we won´t play it safe
Commitments out of place again - the last smile on your face
Oh, get the point of what we´re doing here
To make some money on a liquidier
I´ve got no secrets but my privacy
More than I ever knew - democracy?

Tu, tu, tuff and I´m a millionaire in front of my
To, to, Tokyo girl, stretch a finger, tell a lie
Fi, fi, fight the lion, pull the beard and in the eye
And the Andy Warhol Pisces, whiskey water over ice is:

Slow motion, no notion, bight ocean, tra la la
Life of dead brains in bed, overfed, tra la la
[second time: Life of a living dead brain in bed and tra la la]

A funny feeling goes again, distractions ever slow
Forever high on low - forgive me, anyone goes again
So silent everyone would do the strand
A million dollar bomb would leave my hand
A revolution ever so potent
If God´s a fake - whatever made me think?

©1963-2071 Mikael Sjödin / MAD Music