Words 1982-2005 & Music 2005 by Mick Arrow

Many lifetimes ago we lost our home
(Now) We don´t care if Planet [Mother] Earth will fall apart to pieces
We just love each other, hold our breaths
`cause somehow we´ll find hope in something
Someone´ll make us go and hold together [forever]

I laid back to find some time to think

A dreadful pain deep in my heart, though my heart´s empty of all love

Breaks my heart in two / Seals it with a kiss /
This is how I cry/ Just remember this
I don´t want to stay / I don´t want to go
All the world´s a stage / Each man plays a part
Makes me so unreal, like a dream surreal
Take me anyway / Make it go away
What makes boys and girls / Laugh out oh so gay
Makes me wonder why/ Somone drops a bomb
Drops a bomb on me / Swedish magazine

Open up and bleed / Seal it with a kiss

I don´t want to stay alive down here with no one else like me
In cold rooms, shutters down
I want to live and grow and go together, together
Boiling in my own juice!

©1963-2071 Mikael Sjödin / MAD Music