Mick Arrow 1980-2007
Words 19801212 + 20051230; Music 198012 + 2005; Arranged 2005.
Appears on album RAW MOON.

Men keep hiding, Papers are old
New wave boys trying, Trends to be sold
Something is happening, Again and again
Everyone´s taking, All the commands

Something, something, something is happening
Fingernails broken, memories woken
Something, something, something is happening
Cancel your video, turn off your stereo
Something is happening again

My eyes are talking, I feel to old
My feet keep walking, I´m getting sold
My heart is beating, Five years for sure
Slaughter is waiting, Ten quid or more?

Cool conversation ("How are you!), Bills on their way
Old poulation, Nothing to say
Way of the icemen, World full of toys
New skins and ringtones, All full of joy

Bankers applauding, Wisdom on sale
America is calling, No need for change
God, what is happening? Where is the bar?
Download a prayer, Afford a new car

Too many babies, Feel the boredom I play
To many crazies, Bliss on its way
Something is happening, Nothing for real
Down in the mainstream, Hide and conceal; no one to feel

Put on a body, Seal with a kiss
Show on the TV, Ignorance=bliss
Cool politicians; need I say more?
Who is unbroken, Who is a whore?

Something, something, something is happening
Old population, no congregation
Something, something, something is happening
Bible of Hollywood, Silicone Jolly Good
Something is smashing again, someone is cracking again

Google is trying, master the world
Images fading, nothing is real, Nothing is happening for real
Everything´s been stolen, nothing more to steal
Men keep falling, men keep falling away

©1963-2071 Mikael Sjödin / MAD Music