Mick Arrow 1980
Appears on 7"-single ANTIFASHION/THE DAY I KILLED MY EYES (1983)

Thank God I don´t love you!
I do think of you as the fascist´s Dream
We walk through the snares, always act nice, never turn twice
You turn your head and we follow your wink
Somewhere there´s a power that traces you
Antifashion, at least a bloody fashion too

We dress up in drag, shimmering faces
All over the world, I keep believing in me
But fashion turns me on, I´m trying to be a part of culture
Somewhere there´s a power I seek, somewhere there´s a power I seek

Antifashion is fashion too, antifashion is fashion too

Communicate with arrogance and nonchalance
Never see the original fashion, unique for every man and woman

©1963-2071 Mikael Sjödin / MAD Music